Owlish Media is a sole trade business based in Illawarra, Australia, run by Natalie Kirk.

I recently graduated from university with a Master of Animation degree. I am skilled in all forms of animation, 3D in particular.

My skills in 3D modelling are high level and I am especially good at efficient low-poly models commonly used in video games. As I completed my studies, I created a number of short films and developed ideas for more films, games, and series.

My aim is to build a viable and flourishing animation studio, producing well-respected short films and contract work. Through my work I want to inspire and help others with responsible social messages.

Why go into business?
In the 1990s, Australia had a vibrant animation industry, with a Sydney-based Disney animation studio making many direct-to-video sequels. Unfortunately that studio closed down, and currently the only major studio left is Animal Logic, which creates feature films such as the Lego movies. It’s very hard to land a job with them.

However, since video streaming over the internet has risen in popularity, many small boutique studios have appeared to fill the niche of small businesses wanting advertising and explainer-type videos.

Furthermore the gaming industry has opened wide in recent years with user-friendly game dev software like Unity becoming free for small developers. Even very basic, no-budget games have the potential to become a sensation (e.g. Flappy Bird, Five Nights At Freddy’s). Now is a competitive, but opportune time to be a creative and digital native.