Edu-tainment for the Little Ones

Woofy and Bear will be a fun, educational children’s show about two best friends, Woofy the dog and Bear the… bear. Woofy is a little older than Bear and he’ll lead his friend through learning new things about the world, exploring, playing and encountering new ideas.

Aimed at toddlers to pre-schoolers, Woofy and Bear will be an Australian series produced in clean, colourful 3D animation designed not to overwhelm the delicate senses of young children. One of my visual influences is the Spot books, embracing the use of white space to focus the attention of the children better than a busy scene that may confuse them.

Spot the Dog (Eric Hill – Penguin Books)

Humble Beginnings

Woofy and Bear began life as stuffed toys, belonging to my sister and I as children. The dynamic between the characters mirrors that of us as kids – with an older sibling teaching me about the world and helping me to excel as a young child.

Now, we’re all grown up and my sister has a baby – as well as my brother. Having two nieces enter the world last year is what initially inspired me to create a children’s show. I’ll be using what I learn from these little ones to help inform the scripts of Woofy and Bear.



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