In Memory Of John Kirk

September 12, 2017 News 1 Comment

My father, John Kirk, passed away on the 28th of July, 2017. He had an 18 month battle with oesophegeal cancer that finally got the better of him. It was devastating, and I feel lost without him.

Dad was a small business mentor, teacher and taxation specialist.

While never wealthy, he provided for his family no matter what. He was a loving guy, though he didn’t express it through traditional means. Our family has always been quite standoffish when it comes to showing affection for one another. But he was dedicated to his family. He attended all sports games of all of his children and grandchildren, at least whenever he was able. My 8-year-old niece, Meah, loved him so much she wrote him a eulogy, which my sister recited at Dad’s memorial service. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house after that.

It wasn’t his first match against cancer. Back in his 30s, about the age I am now, he developed an aggressive testicular cancer that came close to beating him then, but he managed to pull through, and went on to father two more children, including myself. But I guess if you live long enough, cancer will eventually take you if nothing else does first.

I was living with my parents throughout Dad’s final couple of years. As a student at UTS, I was commuting to Sydney and returning home to Warilla, where Dad was suffering through chemo, then problems with oesophageal surgery that caused him to have a lot of trouble with eating. It was a hard time to be working towards my degree with so many worries at home, but of course it was worse for Dad, who had to give up his favourite hobby – running – due to arthritis that ravaged his body as he lost weight and the cancer spread.

I was the last of Dad’s kids to make something of myself; all of my siblings are part of model families at this point, while I have just finished university, with no plans to settle with a partner at this time. I’m still currently living with Mum, and attempting to start up a business so I can follow in Dad’s footsteps, using what he has taught me to try and reach the high bar set by my brother and sisters, a bar that seems endlessly far away at this time.

Dad’s Book

I know Dad was proud of me, that I gained a Masters degree. I am, indeed, the most educated of my family; I just hope that I can turn that degree into money. Dad was also very proud of all my computer, art and design skills I’ve gained over the years. He was always calling upon me to help him with websites, logos, business cards, help with computer issues, etc. At the time I felt somewhat used, but I think it was his way of showing his appreciation for me, to an extent. He did dedicate his book to me, as I helped him lay it out and designed the cover for him.

This was a video I made for him as part of the memorial. As gauche as it may seem under the circumstances, I think Dad would want me to use this as an opportunity; please contact me if you are interested in a similar video for your loved one’s funeral. And if you wish to help support Mum and I in this difficult financial time, please consider buying the book, if it interests you any.

Written by Natalie Kirk