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3D Technology

Models, animation, game assets & more!


Need a 3D model? Looking for some props or assets for your video game? Tired of just length & width, and need some depth to go with it? Welcome!

We’ve got years of experience creating 3D models from concept to fully textured. Whether you need some high poly sculpted objects for your design or animation, or low poly optimised assets for a mobile game, we can assist.

We also sell pre-built 3D models and model packs for your convenience.

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Our 3D pipeline uses an array of software, each to accomplish the various goals of creating 3D objects.

    • Cinema 4D
      Cinema 4D is where most of the magic happens. From basic models & texture mapping to full animation, C4D is Owlish Media’s best friend
    • zBrush
      The king of digital sculpture, zBrush is difficult to learn but the rewards are immense. zBrush allows the creation of highly detailed organic models that look so real you could touch them
    • Substance Painter
      The pinnacle of texture painting, an essential tool of the video game artist
    • Unity
      This is the primary game engine we work with, a powerful tool for 3D creation
    • Photoshop
      From texture editing to preparing a model for 3D printing, Photoshop is an integral part of the 3D process
    • Maya
      A complex and powerful 3D animation software that the masters use
    • MindTex
      A texture processing software that creates various essential texture maps from a photographic source
    • Curvy 3D
      It’s a basic 3D modelling software that excels in decimating meshes – extremely handy for creating additional Levels of Detail (LOD) for video game optimisation


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