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Animation Services


Owlish Media specialises in high quality animation.

Whether you’re looking for an explainer video for your business or a music video for your band, we can do it all.


Your imagination is really the limit when it comes to the animation style we can do for you.

    • 3D
      Fully rigged character animation or motion graphics
    • Tradigital
      Computer-enhanced hand-drawn animation (as seen in contemporary cartoons)
    • Stop Motion
      Miniature sets and handmade characters
    • Rotoscoping
      Using live action video as a guide to create a dreamlike but realistic animation, such as seen in the film Waking Life
    • Cut-out
      Similar to the animation of Monty Python or South Park, this technique involves paper cutout shapes and puppets to create a 2D stop motion experience
    • Motion Graphics
      This technique is most often used in advertising, where simple shapes, text and images will animate together to catch the eye, or explain concepts
    • Animation for Games
      We can create spritesheets based on 2D animation, and export animated 3D creations for import into game engines. In Unity, we can help you set up your Mecanim animations.



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