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Film and Video

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Owlish Media owner Natalie Kirk has an Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media, meaning she has all the knowledge needed to produce high quality video in the studio and out in the field.

Cameras, lighting and sound are all part of what makes a great video, and our know-how can get your video kicked up that extra notch.


Knowing a network of freelance videographers throughout the Illawarra region, we’re sure to get your production filmed and edited, no matter its size.

Whether it be filming a wedding, producing a music video, shooting a short film or TV advertisement, we can smooth the process for you with our expertise and experience.


After filming, a video production needs editing, and Owlish Media has all the skills to get your raw footage in order.

Working with Adobe Suite, we can cut your video together, master the sound and colour, and add special effects as desired.

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